Friday, April 8, 2016

Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Mug 16 Ounce with Artisan Hand Crafted Wooden Gift Box

Pure copper cup 16 oz. Thick and sturdy. Perfect for any cold drinks in the Summer.
Copper vessel has been used since ancient time for their benefits.        
First water can be stored in a copper vessel without going stale. The freshness of the water thus is prolonged. Copper also has anti-microbial properties and that’s why water can be stored for far longer than in plastic or glass and other metals.
Store water in copper cup for 8 hours or overnight for a good drink.

More benefits include;
-          Slows down aging
-          Aids weigh loss
-          Helps heal wound faster
-          Aids digestive system
-          Stimulates the brain
-          Relieves aches and pain in joint

Copper does tarnish over time. It is easy to clean the tarnish. Use lemon juice and a mesh sponge or tooth brush.

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