Friday, June 19, 2015

42 Bees slanted Tip Tweezers Giveaway

42 Bees slanted Tip Tweezers Giveaway

The tweezers is made of stainless steel which is durable. Comes with a comb at the end and is black in color. Looks sleek and stylish yet simple.
As for the function I find it quite average and did not stand out as I thought it would for an $8 tweezers.
To be honest I don’t see any difference between a $2 tweezers and this one. The tip is fine and well-shaped; however it is how much pressure you need to put on the tweezers in order for the tips to touch. After pressing the tweezers continuously for one minute, my fingers were tired and I had to put them down.
I have other set of tweezers that are easy to tweeze and that they do not make your finger sore or tired from pressing. This tweezers do look nice but it has flaws in its design


  1. I am following you on Twitter and have tried to sign up for the giveaway, but your rafflecopter is not working correctly.

    1. Yeah it's having some problem. You will be on the list if you enter with email. Everyone gets one raffle so it's pretty fair. Thanks for visiting my blog btw ^^ Appreciate it