Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Matcha by Coastal Tea Co

Matcha by Coastal Tea Co


                        When I first got the package I noticed that outside of the bag is paper and inside is plastic. The bag is not air tight which may not seal the freshness of the matcha enough.
The matcha powder is very green and I was pleased to see that. However the scent was not exactly fresh. It smelled a little woody. Does contain a very faint green tea scent.

I placed 2 tea spoons of matcha in a bowl. I used a sifter so it looks very evened out. Pour just a little bit of hot water and mix well. I actually poured the matcha in a tea bottle with built-in sifter. This will smooth out clumps formed by the water. Since I don’t have a chasen this is my way of easing out the clumps. I poured a little more hot water into the bottle then I shook the bottle for about 7 seconds. The matcha is then ready to drink.

The taste of this matcha is rather bitter compared to other ceremonial. I probably would not drink this as it is. I drink other ceremonial grade due to the lack of the fresh taste. If you’re not into the bitter-ness you can either add more water to dilute the matcha, add honey, or mix it with something else. In this case, I added milk. Ratio of 1:3 and it taste very good.

Important note; There are a few different grade of ceremonial matchas. Not all ceremonial grade matcha are made equally and as carefully. 

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