Friday, June 19, 2015

100% Pure Copper Mug (hammered)

100% Pure Copper Mug (hammered)

The cup did not meet my expectation the first time because the cup had a chemical stench to it. that I would of given a 2 stars.
However the seller did contact me and kindly sent me another cup that was inspected and made sure that it did not have the same stench.

Of course the packaging was all the same.
I inspected the package myself more carefully and came to realize that the culprit was the plastic wrapping. This cup did not contain the intense stench as the first one but it was easily taken care of with some soap.

The cup itself is very attractive. It is large and thick. ;^)
It has some upgrades after the first cup that was rather simple and less thick. The cup chills my drink very well. Not for hot drinks because copper is a excellent conductor of heat so upon touching the cup you may get burned.
The downside is that the cup do get staining over time and it is difficult to remove them.

I was looking forward to this cup because my other copper mug was damaged and had stains.
When the cup arrived it was not damaged and it looked perfectly fine. However there was a stench of chemical and rubber. I didn't think it was a big deal so I went ahead and soak it in warm water before washing it. After washing it I left it on the counter to dry and will try it the next morning.

To my surprise when I took a sip from the cup I had to spit it out because the water tasted like chemical and rubber. The water is fine before it was in the copper mug because I drank it from my other cup and it tasted normal. I sniff the copper mug again and it had a very faint rubber smell. So I though it wasn't clean enough. I went ahead and washed it again. This time with dish washing detergent. I scrubbed the mug all over, inside and out for 10 minutes. Then I left it on the counter to dry again. I took another sip and I couldn't take it anymore. It still taste like the chemical crap.

As much as I like this copper mug and it's design I hate the fact that the stench and the taste of the water ruined everything. I don't know how long I can drink from this cup as I have put lemon essential oil as my last resort to get rid of the stench. Now the whole cup smells like lemon and I have to soak it in water for a few days. Meanwhile I will drink from my other copper cup which has no stench of taste of chemical the day it arrived.

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