Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Mills Of God By Justin R. Smith

The Mills Of God By Justin R. Smith

The book, The Mills of God by Justin R. Smith is best fit to read alone. It is an interesting story because of the settings and the way people behave. The main character, Stanzi is lonely and kept to herself.  She is not anti-social or shy but simply misunderstood.

 Stanzi is not the ordinary teenage girl that everyone hangs out with. Perhaps that’s not what you would expect a teenager to be, mature and humble.  Stanzi lost both of her parents but that really isn’t really the sad part. Her parents never really treasured her, in fact they neglected her and that made her feel like a ghost. It’s heartbreaking to read but yet intriguing because of her mysterious family and life. Stanzi is hurtled into mysterious death surrounding her friends and family. She isolates herself so that she could keep her love ones safe.

The book is full of mysterious deaths and disappearance and will keep you turning!

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