Thursday, June 18, 2015

EffenFine Tweezers Set

EffenFine Tweezers Set

Holy crap these are some fine tweezers. I don’t know how they made these tweezers so easy to press. You hardly need to put any pressure on it. They look and feel like high quality and very durable. When you tweeze you do not need or have to press tweezers with any pressure. I have no idea how they were made like that. Maybe the cheap ones at home are just sh**y Awesome awesome.

The color is sick. Remember those vintage ladies with thick bloody red lip stick? Yup, that’s the color. The tip of the tweezers are sleeping beauty spinning wheel sharp. Danger alert: you might pierce yourself if you grope the tweezers too much :^)
Like I said these tweezers are nothing you get from the cheap 99 cent store. I would pay 20 bucks for them and I know they will last for a long time.  Goosh they are Effen Fine.

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