Monday, June 15, 2015

Enjoying Tea's 6 Varieties & Giveaway

            Enjoying Tea's 6 Varieties & Giveaway

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            These are six different varieties of tea from EnjoyingTea. They have a ton of combinations.
When I first got the package I noticed that it smell like Jasmine. Of course I didn’t know it was tea until I opened the package and saw the box. Every one of the teas are fresh and very aromatic. The tea leaves came in these adorable kawaii tin cans. I can probably come up with different ideas on how to use the tin cans after I finish all the tea. Out of all the tea I have only had Jasmine green tea and Oolong. So 4 out of the 6 teas are new to my taste buds. Let’s check them out :D

The six varieties are;

1.      Keemun Black Tea (Qihong)
2.      Earl Grey Black Tea
3.      Roasted Mate Chai
4.      Jasmine Green Tea
5.      Organic Slimming Oolong Tea
6.      Vanilla Rooibos

The Keemun Black Tea smell extremely strong. Made me cough a little when I was sniffing it. The tea is slight bitter.

Earl Grey was tottaly unexpected. It smell stronger than the Keemun and made me cough as well because of the very particles. Contains darker and lighter shades of leaves. Mainly darker. The scent is like a combination of herbs. A little hint of peppery and basil scent. Tastes quite wonderful.

The roasted mate chai I didn’t like as much as I thought I would.  They look like burnt confetti. The smell is adorned with a strong citrus (orangey) scent.  I did not like the taste very much because it was a bit sour.

The Jasmine Green tea is my favorite for a reason. It smells incredibally fresh and floral. Fresh green tea is the best and with a sprinkle of jasmine is Fantastic. Extremely soothing and a bliss. This tea always reminds me of a cool late summer evening after a rain shower. The taste is of course unbeatable.

The Oolong Tea did not have a penetrating scent like the rest. It is more settling and humble. The scent is very down to earth and almost have a woody smell to it. The taste is simple and I was ok with it.

Last but not least, Vanilla Rooibos. Another wonderful combination of different teas and herbs. The colors of the combination of leaves and pedals are beautiful. Red white and brown. Very aromatic and medium strong but soothing. The taste is very fresh and it makes me feel good. Vanilla Rooibos would be my go to tea when I have stress/anxiety. 

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