Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nouveau Organic Moisturizer for Skin

Nouveau Organic Moisturizer for Skin

I have never seen a moisturizer like this before. Yes it is very small jar, yes it is simple and yes it fricking works. I do concern about the pricing however.
The scent of this moisturizer is dominated by coconut oil. There is no artificial ingredient of any sort. It is 100% food grade and organic.

The moisturizer seems to have three different form; liquid, semi-solid and solid. You want to keep this moisturizer in semi-solid state. So try to keep it out of hot/humid places. You do not need refrigerator but you can leave it in the frig for 20 minutes for it to solidify a little.
My experience with the moisturizer is most positive. No irritation, no overwhelming stench. Very smooth and gentle. Extremely hydrating and does the job that no other moisturizer has done. I am confident to say that this is my favorite moisturizer.

You can also use this cream as a lip balm. Very hydrating and does not cracked your lips in the cold because when this cream solidifies it does become hard but it does not crack or dry up. Due to the entire moisturizing ingredients in this jar, this is the best cream as a lip balm so lick those lips all you want.

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