Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sandalwood Comb

Sandalwood Comb 

This is a sandalwood beard comb. Small size and fits easily in pocket. Sandalwood combs are anti-static so when you comb your hair they won’t stick to your skin. Although it is a beard comb, I find it fit for combing hair. Natural sandalwood comb do not contain harmful chemicals and are very beautiful. They do have a faint sandalwood scent which is very pleasing to sniff. The scent will not stick to your hair by the way. The teeth are very fine and will detangle clumps of hair.

My experience with this comb is very soothing because of the scent. Just a sniff instantly alleviates my mood. The teeth are very fine and leaves my hair smooth and silky. I really enjoy stroking my hair with this sandalwood comb.  

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