Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gloryfeel Colon cleanse & Omega 3 Fish Oil

Gloryfeel Colon cleanse & Omega 3 Fish Oil

            15 day Colon cleanse contains 30 capsules. This is great for people you want or need detox and it is recommended to take 2 capsules at a time for 15 days.
It helps;
   - Eliminate waste and toxins
  - supports weigh loss
 - Supports digestive system

             The bottle contains 120 gels of fish oil. 2 gels per day as recommended! I like to take one per day however within the same hour. I take one right after a meal so that I don’t forget (usually lunch). Dinner is fine too. Gulp down plenty of water!
            Fish oil is a great supplement to boost your;

- heart, joints, brain and skin
- weigh loss

Thursday, April 23, 2015



            Skleer is a transparent cream that contains super-duper awesome oil. Yes you know it. I am crazy about oils. Skleer does not contain parabens or harmful preservatives!

Here are some of the ingredients:

Eucalyptus oil, caraway oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil and cardamom oil.
And it smells amazing (eucalyptus scent dominant).
I rub a bit from my fingers onto my arm. The cream is not greasy or oily; in fact it was more like water kind of texture. It absorbs into my skin quickly and left no sign except the faint fragrance of the oils. I figured why not give this to my guy since he is allergic to mosquito bites and always have rough skin on his hand. So I surprised him with this little tube and he was delighted as he read the ingredients on the tube.

            I found another magical use for this cream. This one is for the ladies. Rub the cream on your womb when you’re on your pms and it should help. 

Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle

The Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle is great for making fruit infused drinks.
The water bottle is made with:
Eastman Tritan Copolyestery (eco-friendly, BPA free)
Here are some of my recipes for making an awesome fruit infused drink:
-         ice cubes, sliced strawberries, sliced grapes
-         ice cubes, lemon (YEAH lemonade!)
-         ice cubes, sliced cucumber pieces and whole leaf mint
Psst for you guys out there that is 21 or over you can make alcoholic fruit punch. Since I like mine more on the soft core side here are some of my recipes

-         2-3 ice cubes, 4-5 thin slices of orange, 3 sliced up strawberries, champagne or brandy
       - Ice cubes, thin slices of peach, strawberries, champagne.
-         Ice cubes, pineapple, apple (sliced), champagne or white wine

The bottle is quite large so it’s not really fit for taking it to school I realized. However it’s perfect for workout, yoga, picnic and games!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Vitamin And Vitamin D3 cream

Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Vitamin

And Vitamin D3 cream

I have to say I am really impressed with this vitamin B12 cream. A lot of people now days lack this and that because many of the food today lack nutrients we need.
Especially for those that are vegetarian or vegans who lack B12 because plants do not offer this very important vitamin which you can only get from meat, fish and fungi.
The packaging is simple but flashy.
The cream is a pale pink color like gum. It has a very minty fragrance which I notice that it contains peppermint oil from the ingredient list. So I know that there is no suspicious added fragrance. The cream is not smooth or soft like lotion but a little hard. However the hardness does not make it hard to apply. The texture is a bit like frozen yogurt. It is not greasy or oily.
I applied the cream on my left arm (1-2 pumps a day) and rubbed it in a circular motion. The cream leaves no color or any noticeable trace. After waiting for about 6 hours I notice that my skin was softer before I applied the cream (comparing my left and right arm). Which have I applied the cream on my left arm. The minty fragrance is now gone and no trace of the cream at all.
The vitamin D 3 cream also has a flashy packaging. This cream is great for people that don’t get enough sun. Whether you are an indoor person, works at home or simply just don’t like the sun. I have fair and sensitive skin so it's really easy to get burned. However this cream is not just for people like me but also the elderly. I know that this will make a perfect present for mother’s day ;) She will love this.
The cream is slightly transparent and milky white. The texture and thickness is like Greek yogurt. The scent of the cream itself is not as attractive as I thought because it contains citric acid and coconut oil. However it’s not a bad scent either. The scent is very mild and just so little of that orangey smell.

I use this cream in the morning when I wakes up and right before bed. Upon waking up I examined the area on my leg where I applied the cream. My skin look normal and no sign of irritation of any trace/notice of the cream. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Adeline Organic Eye Serum & Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl

                 Adeline Organic Eye Serum                                                                           Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl

          This serum comes in a slick and small package. The bottled pumper is also very small containing 15ml of the gel. However it will last quite a while because all you need is a tiny little dab.
The color of the cream is transparent and has a few bubbles.The scent is very faint and in order to smell it your nose has to be nearly touching the gel. The scent smells similar to other cosmetics I have in the house that are well known brand. Do know that serum with fragrance is not beneficial or necessary for the skin.
I applied the a bit of the serum right under my eyes after a shower. The gel feels cool, smooth and no signs of irritation. I have used the gel for almost 2 days now and I do see some improvement! Since I don’t have any wrinkles below my eyes however I have some dark circles.

Overall this product is fit for any skin especially people with sensitive skin like mine. This serum is not a miracle as you do have to keep track and wait a few days to see the result.
          The Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl comes in a simple and neat packaging as well! The cream is white and very slightly transparent.
As for the scent, I do find it quite interesting. It’s very mild and settling and reminds me of a after shower spring morning. The scent is a bit minty and slightly green. You must bring the cream close to your nose to get a sniff of it.

The cream itself is very milky white and gently. Slightly sticky but not greasy. I used a total of 5 dabs, each one on my cheeks, one on my forehand, one on my chin and one of my nose so that I can spread it evenly in different parts of my face. The cream is easy to apply all over the face and it’s thin and cool. There is no irritation at all. The cream is very gentle, cool and a almost minty feel.

Note that I applied the moisturizer after a face mask cream as it is recommended.
I also applied the cream after a shower before I went to sleep. Waking up knowing that I have put something awesome on my face makes my morning even better!

Monday, April 13, 2015

MATCHA organic ceremonial

MATCHA organic ceremonial

Just arrived in mail today and I was surprise at how small it was but no doubt it is the best tasting green tea matcha I've ever had.
I was careful with lifting the seal so that the powder doesn’t jump out on me. There was a poof of mystery that came out like steam and the scent was very mild and nice. Although there are some clumps but I've got no problem with that. Since I don't have the bamboo stuff I just put a teaspoon of the powder in my cup then add the boiling water. Then I started to mix it like crazy o.o

The clumps were kind of annoying since I don't have a whisk but mixing the powder like crazy for two minutes the color was in the water, bubbles were on top and ready for drinking. I took a little sip just to get an idea how it taste like. It does taste very green but it's different from green tea leaves that I drink. I never had green tea powder so I can't really compare it to anything except the leaves. The powder is not bitter at all like the leaves so I would prefer that. Not exactly sweet either but just green. I drank it all in a range of 10 minutes because I keep trying to come up with some words to describe it but I couldn't. I like this tea and  will slowly enjoy it in peace n_n

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Retseliney Exfoliant and mask cream

Retseliney Exfoliant and mask cream

Two awesome jars of miracle cream! One is blue label is the Retseliney exfoliant cream. The purple label is the antioxidant masque. I received these two through a promotion code on amazon to review! So I had to plan which day to use which so that I can see the result and not damage my skin.

I tried the exfoliant first. Applied just a bit and rub it all over my face. The exfoliant cream has a sandy kind of texture but not rough. Then wash off the cream with luke warm water because it’s easier. Not only did my skin felt very smooth but also very very sensitive, which you have to be very cautious. Apply some moisturizer on your skin afterwards is recommended!

The next day I tried the antioxidant masque. The cream smell like herbs and a bit minty. It has these little blue-ish brown-ish particles but they are not rough. After I finished applying my skin started to tingle and felt very minty like winter gust but at the same time it was gentle. Washed it off after 25minutes and my skin was smooth and tight! 

Check them out on Amazon!