Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pedi Cure

Pedi cure 

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These rollers are for your feet that needs special care! If you have a rough or hard heel pedi cure can definitely help you with that!
 It’s portal and battery operated.
 It’s also Water proof so you can use in the shower
Spring is here and Summer is only a step away! This will be very handy ^^
Oh and if you're not happy with it, you know amazon will always give you a refund! 

So I gave these a little try after a shower so that my heels would be soft. They work quite well depending on how hard you press the roller against the area you want to get rid of dead skin. Also make sure to soak your feet before using the pedi cure so that it would be more effective. Also clean the roller after one feet because some skin will stick to the roller.
Keep in mind that this callus remover runs on battery therefore it is not environmentally friendly. Also you may have to sit there for an hour trying because the callus remover is not very powerful. The roller can stop working if you press just so slightly harder. 

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