Friday, April 3, 2015

Uqique Mini Voice Recorder!

The mini voice recorder is so kawaii!!:)
You can record and listen to music.
Easy transfer to pc or to the recorder
I first had trouble getting the recorder to work because the headphone was broken so I used my own headphone to listen to the recording.
The problem is the recorder is not compatible with headphone that has 3 rings on the jack. So that took me the whole day trying to figure out why until I tried my old headphone which has 2 rings and it worked. I contacted the seller and they said they will send a new set of headphones :)

Next I tried to copy music files on the recorder- I listened and it worked. The only con is that you can't put a song or file on repeat or go back. You can only skip to the next file. the mins and plus button have a few functions which is included in the instructions, such as;+ button to skip to next file AND - to switch between music and recorded files.

The recording function is very useful for recording lectures and interviews.

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