Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Vitamin And Vitamin D3 cream

Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Vitamin

And Vitamin D3 cream

I have to say I am really impressed with this vitamin B12 cream. A lot of people now days lack this and that because many of the food today lack nutrients we need.
Especially for those that are vegetarian or vegans who lack B12 because plants do not offer this very important vitamin which you can only get from meat, fish and fungi.
The packaging is simple but flashy.
The cream is a pale pink color like gum. It has a very minty fragrance which I notice that it contains peppermint oil from the ingredient list. So I know that there is no suspicious added fragrance. The cream is not smooth or soft like lotion but a little hard. However the hardness does not make it hard to apply. The texture is a bit like frozen yogurt. It is not greasy or oily.
I applied the cream on my left arm (1-2 pumps a day) and rubbed it in a circular motion. The cream leaves no color or any noticeable trace. After waiting for about 6 hours I notice that my skin was softer before I applied the cream (comparing my left and right arm). Which have I applied the cream on my left arm. The minty fragrance is now gone and no trace of the cream at all.
The vitamin D 3 cream also has a flashy packaging. This cream is great for people that don’t get enough sun. Whether you are an indoor person, works at home or simply just don’t like the sun. I have fair and sensitive skin so it's really easy to get burned. However this cream is not just for people like me but also the elderly. I know that this will make a perfect present for mother’s day ;) She will love this.
The cream is slightly transparent and milky white. The texture and thickness is like Greek yogurt. The scent of the cream itself is not as attractive as I thought because it contains citric acid and coconut oil. However it’s not a bad scent either. The scent is very mild and just so little of that orangey smell.

I use this cream in the morning when I wakes up and right before bed. Upon waking up I examined the area on my leg where I applied the cream. My skin look normal and no sign of irritation of any trace/notice of the cream. 

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