Sunday, April 12, 2015

Retseliney Exfoliant and mask cream

Retseliney Exfoliant and mask cream

Two awesome jars of miracle cream! One is blue label is the Retseliney exfoliant cream. The purple label is the antioxidant masque. I received these two through a promotion code on amazon to review! So I had to plan which day to use which so that I can see the result and not damage my skin.

I tried the exfoliant first. Applied just a bit and rub it all over my face. The exfoliant cream has a sandy kind of texture but not rough. Then wash off the cream with luke warm water because it’s easier. Not only did my skin felt very smooth but also very very sensitive, which you have to be very cautious. Apply some moisturizer on your skin afterwards is recommended!

The next day I tried the antioxidant masque. The cream smell like herbs and a bit minty. It has these little blue-ish brown-ish particles but they are not rough. After I finished applying my skin started to tingle and felt very minty like winter gust but at the same time it was gentle. Washed it off after 25minutes and my skin was smooth and tight! 

Check them out on Amazon!

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