Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Delicious Gourmet Teas by EnjoyingTea + Giveaway

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Another great combination of teas by EnjoyingTea

I absolutely adore these cute tin cans. When I finish the tea I will use it for crafts and various of stuff.
The 6 teas are:

Provence Rooibos – The most colorful tea in the group. Super aromatic and strong. The most dominating scent of all the tea.

Chun Mee Green Tea – This green tea actually smells more settling and not overwhelming. The dried leaves have shades of light to darker green.

Anxi Benshan Oolong – *Smells like caffeine* Fresh and slightly aromatic. Similar to green tea.

Young Ripened Puerh Tea – Very light aroma and pleasant to sniff. Difficult to describe but seem like a gentle type of tea.

Apple Spice Black Tea – Also has a very strong aroma but is placed 2nd out of the 6 teas. Very beautiful autumn colored combination. A darker shade complimented by yellow and red. Absolutely wonderful scent. Apple is quite dominating.

Longevity Brow (shou mei) – This tea has a bitter and yet green aroma about it. The leaves look like they were dried when fresh and crumbled slightly to create that dried autumn leaf look. 

6 pack teas Giveaway

Friday, October 23, 2015

6-inch Two-sided Vanity Mirror, Oak Leaf Tabletop Swivel Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification

This mirror is medium sized. It’s suitable for applying makeup in a close range because of the 5x magnification.

The package came with the mirror and other accessories to assemble it together. Including two screws and an L shaped driver. A hard bottom and a sticker. The sticker is supposed to help the mirror stay in place and from slipping.
No instruction was with the package but setting it up was pretty easy. Basically you will get something as pictured if you do it right.
The mirror has a chrome finish which protects it from moisture and condensation.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lugol's Iodine Solution

Lugol's Iodine Solution 5% (3.4 Oz. - 100 ml). 5 percent Iodine Supplement - Liquid Drops, Thyroid Support. Made with 5 Percent Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide

I was shocked when I asked my friends if they know anything about iodine. 90% of them do not know exactly what iodine is. Not to mention I doubt they even cared to look it up.
Everyone know or should know that the food nowadays lacks nutrient and essential minerals we need. Iodine is a special mineral that our body do not produce. Lack of iodine during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. Even if the baby is born, the severe lacking of iodine can cause retardation. This is due to the connection with the hormones produce by thyroid gland. Even if the lack of iodine is not severe but still below the amount needed, a child can be brain damaged or with lower intelligence.

The lack of iodine can cause enlargement of the thyroid which is called a goiter. Boy those are not pleasant. Thyroid gland is one of the 7 important glands that regulates your body. Without thyroid support the gland can easily enlarge and become quite painful. The hormones produce by the thyroid gland controls our metabolism, heart rate, etc. Now you can see why people are having trouble with their heart and weight. Why don't your doctor ever recommend you iodine? I don't know. Does anyone ever do? Maybe if we spread this information about iodine in our family, friends, social networks, people would be more aware of our health.

There is another VERY important reason why we should take iodine. Fluoride. It's in our drinking water, toothpaste, at the dentist, in food we eat and everywhere. It's almost impossible to avoid this poison. It can't be evaporated so even if you boil your water, that will NOT remove any fluoride. The only few ways that are efficient in combating and removing fluoride from our body; drinking rain water, special filtration system (not all do) and taking iodine. Fluoride is a poison that DAMAGES your teeth and bones. It is also a neurotoxin that makes you docile and easier to influence. Not to mention it also screw with your Pineal gland. Another important gland that most people don't have an idea what it's for.
Although the taste of this iodine solution is not the most pleasant. It is rather bland and almost tasteless. The color is similar to a dark red wine. You should take about 2 drops per day. The bottle has a dropper built in and is very easy to control. You can add it to your drinks and won't even notice the taste. By the way, it taste much better than cough syrup.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Legend Organic Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

I have tried many different brands of matcha and legend organic is definitely one of the best I’ve tried.
First of all not all ceremonial grade matcha are created equal. Matcha from Japan seem to have the best quality and taste.  Of course legend organic happens to get their matcha from Japan.

The color is bright green. Smell is fresh and strong. Taste is smooth and very slightly bitter from the powder form.
There are several grades of ceremonial matcha and this info seem to be alien to most people. 
Most people would know the two basic grades which are cooking and ceremonial grade. However there are imperial, emerald, gold and etc. Some are labeled as premium.
It’s actually difficult to differentiate the grades because of slight variations.

I’d say that legend organic is better if not equal to Midori spring’s gold class. I actually would prefer legend organic over Midori spring gold class because it tastes better and is stronger. Not stringy at all.
Consistency is smooth and taste great when mix it in my own drink.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Vlando Jewelry Box with Lock and Key


This jewelry box is adorable. I received the pink color. It stands to 7 inches tall with the handle pressed down. The widest part measures close to 9 inches tall. With the jewelry inside the box weighs around 4.2 pounds. It's not exactly light for a travel case.
As you can see in the picture, this jewelry box is quite roomy for a travel case. I personally wouldn't take this on a trip because it does weigh quite a bit on my scale. Second it's a lot of room and people usually don't take a bunch of jewelry with them on a trip.

I was delighted that they had a lock on the box. The whole key and lock system is very simple for this box because if you ever loose the key, you won’t be doomed. You can even use tooth picks to open it. Ssshh don’t tell anyone! The lock is less complicated than it look or sound. The key does not insert all the way into the lock but only the tip. When the box is lock the key hole would look like an H. When it is unlocked the keyhole would like a capital i.

Now there are several compartments for the top;

For rings, earrings and an open and closed parts for anything.
(Picture 3) The sliders for the earrings are removable and each contains 4 holes. It seems that the sliders are more suitable for studs than dangle. Most dangles would only fit on the bottom 2 holes.
(Picture 4)The compartment in the middle has a little cap and is very cute. As you can see I have several earrings in there. Since they are too long for the earring holders, might as well put it in there.
(Picture 5) The first drawer composed of 4 divided sections for just about anything as well.
(Picture 6) You can also remove the dividers which can give more room!

Last but not least the second and last drawer has 3 compartments. The left side has a little cushion for your watch. The rest you can put whatever you want in there. It is also removable to turn around or just to make more room.
As you can see I love collecting jewelry and I have other two large jewelry boxes which are pretty much full now. This one is my first box with a lock so I am really excited about it. Overall this is a very good quality jewelry box and customizable. This is a jewelry box I approve! =)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Toosum Healthy Snack Bars

The cherry with oatmeal was okay. It tasted more like roasted watermelon seeds. Felt a bit nostalgic but was still pretty bland. Definitely can finish it if I was hungry.  I would rate it a 6.5/10

I was real confused with the blueberry oatmeal bar. Okay it looked great, sounded healthy and delicious. My heart just sank from the first bite. WHY!!!!??  –cries-
It tasted nasty and bland. 1/10

The banana and coconut was the best tasting out of the three. It actually smell and taste like banana and coconut. The sweetness was perfect. Matter of fact it is not too sweet at all. I do enjoy something that is more balanced. 8/10

Sunday, October 4, 2015

24k Beauty Lift Bar

This lift bar feels really good on the skin. You can use it not only on your face but neck, arm, hands, legs and other parts of the body.
Note that it is plated with 24k gold, which is a very thin layer of pure gold. You will see wears eventually. All depending on how you take care of the bar. Try to be gentle as possible so that you don't scrap the plating off. If you clean the bar, do not rub it with any rough surface objects. Try to use a tissue and carefully dab it dry.

The package is all very attractive but whats inside is most important. There are two facial exfoliant head which can be attached to the lift bar.
The lift bar itself and an AA battery.

The lift bar is water proof and super easy to turn on. Now using the lift bar can be tricky because in order to get more out of the lifting effect of the bar you have to use pressure. Don't be afraid to use pressure on this thing. There are many vital points in one's face where you should concentrate or be able to hit those spots. This include right on the side and middle of the nose. Right below and above your eye and eyebrows. Also at the back tip of the ears. You can easily look this up by the way.
I have used the lift bar for two days now. Right before I use the lift bar I would soak the head in hot water so warm it up. This will aid blood circulation even better. I do apply a good pressure to the lift bar when I use it. Also keep in mind that you have to be very gentle when hitting the acupressure point. It can either feel amazing or painful.

The two face exfoliant are low quality because one of them was broken where it lock the bar in place (picture 4)
One of them is very stiff and rough. Running it through water won't change it's state. Not sure how it is suppose to work but I tried it on the lift bar turned on. Doesn't seem to do anything.
The other exfoliant seem like something you would use to clean the bathroom. It is softer than the ones you get from a supermarket but nothing special.

Bottom line; I do not find the 2 facial exfoliants necessary at all.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Acquapura Water Filter Straw

This is a pretty decent water filter straw from the quality and weigh.
The instruction did a pretty good job explaining how the straw works. The package includes the straw, backwash device and the 2nd filter to attach to the bottom of the straw.

If you're using clear water at home or bottled water you don't really need the extra filter. The bottom part of the straw can be easily twisted onto the mouth of the water bottle. This straw purposes is to filter organic matters, heavy metals and chloride.
When you first use it it is best to clean the straw first. You can suck the water out a few times and spit it out. It tasted weird but should be okay after that.

This device is essential for camping if you run out of clean water. During emergency uses or end of the world! Jk jk :P

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Xtava TM Professional Curling Iron - Spiral Hair Curler

It is light weigh and easy to use. It does not seem to look or feel like high quality but it does the work.
When you plug in you will notice that the curler does not work. The only button is the on button when you plug in the charger.
The instruction does mention to wait 2 minutes. Make sure you hold the curler while it heats up because I have wooden floor which can potentially damage it. Don't put this curler near rugs or near any easily flammable objects when use. It should be somewhere safe as the casing provided.

Like any hair curler, this gets pretty hot and do not put your hand near the top. It works it's way upward so you can put the tip of your hair on the clip. I don't like my hair way too curly so a few seconds is done for me.