Friday, October 9, 2015

Vlando Jewelry Box with Lock and Key


This jewelry box is adorable. I received the pink color. It stands to 7 inches tall with the handle pressed down. The widest part measures close to 9 inches tall. With the jewelry inside the box weighs around 4.2 pounds. It's not exactly light for a travel case.
As you can see in the picture, this jewelry box is quite roomy for a travel case. I personally wouldn't take this on a trip because it does weigh quite a bit on my scale. Second it's a lot of room and people usually don't take a bunch of jewelry with them on a trip.

I was delighted that they had a lock on the box. The whole key and lock system is very simple for this box because if you ever loose the key, you won’t be doomed. You can even use tooth picks to open it. Ssshh don’t tell anyone! The lock is less complicated than it look or sound. The key does not insert all the way into the lock but only the tip. When the box is lock the key hole would look like an H. When it is unlocked the keyhole would like a capital i.

Now there are several compartments for the top;

For rings, earrings and an open and closed parts for anything.
(Picture 3) The sliders for the earrings are removable and each contains 4 holes. It seems that the sliders are more suitable for studs than dangle. Most dangles would only fit on the bottom 2 holes.
(Picture 4)The compartment in the middle has a little cap and is very cute. As you can see I have several earrings in there. Since they are too long for the earring holders, might as well put it in there.
(Picture 5) The first drawer composed of 4 divided sections for just about anything as well.
(Picture 6) You can also remove the dividers which can give more room!

Last but not least the second and last drawer has 3 compartments. The left side has a little cushion for your watch. The rest you can put whatever you want in there. It is also removable to turn around or just to make more room.
As you can see I love collecting jewelry and I have other two large jewelry boxes which are pretty much full now. This one is my first box with a lock so I am really excited about it. Overall this is a very good quality jewelry box and customizable. This is a jewelry box I approve! =)

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