Friday, October 2, 2015

Acquapura Water Filter Straw

This is a pretty decent water filter straw from the quality and weigh.
The instruction did a pretty good job explaining how the straw works. The package includes the straw, backwash device and the 2nd filter to attach to the bottom of the straw.

If you're using clear water at home or bottled water you don't really need the extra filter. The bottom part of the straw can be easily twisted onto the mouth of the water bottle. This straw purposes is to filter organic matters, heavy metals and chloride.
When you first use it it is best to clean the straw first. You can suck the water out a few times and spit it out. It tasted weird but should be okay after that.

This device is essential for camping if you run out of clean water. During emergency uses or end of the world! Jk jk :P

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