Sunday, October 4, 2015

24k Beauty Lift Bar

This lift bar feels really good on the skin. You can use it not only on your face but neck, arm, hands, legs and other parts of the body.
Note that it is plated with 24k gold, which is a very thin layer of pure gold. You will see wears eventually. All depending on how you take care of the bar. Try to be gentle as possible so that you don't scrap the plating off. If you clean the bar, do not rub it with any rough surface objects. Try to use a tissue and carefully dab it dry.

The package is all very attractive but whats inside is most important. There are two facial exfoliant head which can be attached to the lift bar.
The lift bar itself and an AA battery.

The lift bar is water proof and super easy to turn on. Now using the lift bar can be tricky because in order to get more out of the lifting effect of the bar you have to use pressure. Don't be afraid to use pressure on this thing. There are many vital points in one's face where you should concentrate or be able to hit those spots. This include right on the side and middle of the nose. Right below and above your eye and eyebrows. Also at the back tip of the ears. You can easily look this up by the way.
I have used the lift bar for two days now. Right before I use the lift bar I would soak the head in hot water so warm it up. This will aid blood circulation even better. I do apply a good pressure to the lift bar when I use it. Also keep in mind that you have to be very gentle when hitting the acupressure point. It can either feel amazing or painful.

The two face exfoliant are low quality because one of them was broken where it lock the bar in place (picture 4)
One of them is very stiff and rough. Running it through water won't change it's state. Not sure how it is suppose to work but I tried it on the lift bar turned on. Doesn't seem to do anything.
The other exfoliant seem like something you would use to clean the bathroom. It is softer than the ones you get from a supermarket but nothing special.

Bottom line; I do not find the 2 facial exfoliants necessary at all.

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