Monday, March 30, 2015

Essential Oils!!!


Essential oils

Healing Solution sent me 5 bottles to try out. And they're sooooo good. The three little bottles (10 mL each) are pure essential oil. They all have this refreshing, minty, damp and earth scent. I found some GREAT use for them such as: 

rubbing on sole of the feet

a little tiny dab and rub on bruises or cuts

wrinkles, stretch marks


The 30 mL bottle one is an organic Health shield 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Yeah this one is hella strong. It reminds me of these massage places and the moment you walk in there you know you’re in a different world. Then I realize that this is the oil they use. Good for massages especially the feet!

Last but not least my FAVORITE is the Rosehip Oil.
This one isn't essential oil but its for moisturizing your skin. You can replace this with lotion.
 It's organic, fragrance free and BPA & perservative free. So NO harmful chemicals. 

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