Friday, January 15, 2016

Slim Sleeper Latex Pillow

I sleep on my tummy a lot and this pillow make my sleeping experience so comfortable. I know people always say that sleeping on your stomach is not good. But if it feels good it probably good.

The pillow I use before this low profile pillow was a bit too high and cause neck sores a couple times.
This low profile pillow is exactly 2.7 inches and I never had neck sore when I sleep on it. This pillow is very soft and comfortable and very wide.  The soft material inside is made of latex and is anti-bacterial. The cover is very soft as well. I do put another cover over the pillow just so that it is more convenient.

Even if I am not a stomach sleeper I would still get a pillow like this because of how comfortable and wide it is. It is very breathable and will always stay in the shape it is. 

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