Saturday, January 9, 2016

Top Mate Aussie finishing sauce for meat, seafood and veggies

Try their sauce! They have a 100% guarantee if you don't like :)
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Top Mate’s finishing sauce can be paired with just about anything.
You can use them as jam or marinating sauce. Their product are super yummy and all natural. It’s not a US product and does not contain all the harmful long list of mysterious ingredients. Their label is simple and to the point.
They use real sugar, fruits and spices. Not too sweet, just the right amount of sugar. Did I mention no corn syrup?
Here I have Apple & Mint, Savory Pineapple and savory cherry. They are all delicious and delightfully sweet and full of flavor. The flavors really comes from the spices and hint of vinegar. Super fresh without additives.
All of the flavors are not too strong. I can eat it with a spoon raw. 

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