Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Delicious Gourmet Teas by EnjoyingTea + Giveaway

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Another great combination of teas by EnjoyingTea

I absolutely adore these cute tin cans. When I finish the tea I will use it for crafts and various of stuff.
The 6 teas are:

Provence Rooibos – The most colorful tea in the group. Super aromatic and strong. The most dominating scent of all the tea.

Chun Mee Green Tea – This green tea actually smells more settling and not overwhelming. The dried leaves have shades of light to darker green.

Anxi Benshan Oolong – *Smells like caffeine* Fresh and slightly aromatic. Similar to green tea.

Young Ripened Puerh Tea – Very light aroma and pleasant to sniff. Difficult to describe but seem like a gentle type of tea.

Apple Spice Black Tea – Also has a very strong aroma but is placed 2nd out of the 6 teas. Very beautiful autumn colored combination. A darker shade complimented by yellow and red. Absolutely wonderful scent. Apple is quite dominating.

Longevity Brow (shou mei) – This tea has a bitter and yet green aroma about it. The leaves look like they were dried when fresh and crumbled slightly to create that dried autumn leaf look. 

6 pack teas Giveaway


  1. I've enjoyed looking around on your blog, and entering the contest of course! I have just started my own blog, please check it out when you have time.

  2. Love your blog. Following on G+. It wouldn't let let do the whole join the site button.

    1. Thanks so much! =)
      I am aware of the follow glitch. You have to click that small double red box next to the bar "join this site" to join. Hope that helps