Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Legend Organic Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

I have tried many different brands of matcha and legend organic is definitely one of the best I’ve tried.
First of all not all ceremonial grade matcha are created equal. Matcha from Japan seem to have the best quality and taste.  Of course legend organic happens to get their matcha from Japan.

The color is bright green. Smell is fresh and strong. Taste is smooth and very slightly bitter from the powder form.
There are several grades of ceremonial matcha and this info seem to be alien to most people. 
Most people would know the two basic grades which are cooking and ceremonial grade. However there are imperial, emerald, gold and etc. Some are labeled as premium.
It’s actually difficult to differentiate the grades because of slight variations.

I’d say that legend organic is better if not equal to Midori spring’s gold class. I actually would prefer legend organic over Midori spring gold class because it tastes better and is stronger. Not stringy at all.
Consistency is smooth and taste great when mix it in my own drink.

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