Sunday, August 23, 2015

Essential Oil Soaps 4 Pack

I absolutely adore these soaps. I mean they look really plain and Jane. Even the packaging is very down to earth. Not to mention the scent of these soap are breath taking. They kind of seep through the packaging when I opened the box.

There is no doubt that these soaps are handmade. The description does say "handmade by Indian artisans". The fact that it is just make me love these even more!
The ingredient are full of natural oils and no chemical or fragrance.

Mint, Rosemary & Eucalyptus:
The color is navy blue and the scent is rather mild compared to the other 3. I had to sniff it really close and I sneezed! It has a neutral/masculine kind of scent and is very soothing. The mint is mild and not penetrating at all. The scent of rosemary is dominant.

Orange & Lemongrass:
I almost mistaken it for sandalwood because it smell almost just like sandalwood essential oil except for the gentle lemon scent. The color is like an attractive dead leaf. Also has a neutral/masculine scent.
My FAVORITE out of the four because it's not too strong and has a gentle almost musky. Perfect for a dude and or a lady. For a lady like me.

Patchouli with Aloe Vera:
The strongest scent of all 4. The color is a muddy yellow. Without looking at the ingredient list I would of definitely think lemon oil is on there. Not! It must be that patchouli..but where does that fresh citrus scent come from!? Never mind that. Smells uh-mazing.

Last but not least- Lavender & Ylang Ylang:
Reminds me of the eye shadow color teenager wear these days. Purple and blue!
The scent is very settling and earthy yet fresh and feminine. Has the 3rd strongest scent of the 4.

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