Thursday, August 27, 2015

Leak Proof Silicone Bottles and Cream Jar

Leak Proof Silicone Bottles and Cream Jar

The travel set came with 2 larger silicon bottles, 1 medium sized, a smaller bottle and a cream jar.
As you can see I have filled the larger bottles in the back with shampoo and conditioner already. I had a little problem with leakage on the two larger bottles. I had to put them upside down right after taking the picture. I tried many ways to fix the leakage but it wouldn’t work. Adjusting the silicon part helped a bit but I think it is something with the caps. The smaller bottles didn’t leak so I can use them normally.

 There was also problem with changing the labels: which includes shampoo, conditioner, lotion and sunscreen. If you want to change the label on the bottle you have to twist the silicon until you have the label you wanted to appear. 
There is an X shaped entrance for every bottle. While the cap is closed the liquid should be dispense even if you squeeze the bottle. It’s pretty secure.

The little jar can hold a good amount of cream. I make my own moisturizer with organic raw shea butter, virgin coconut oil and essential oil. As you can see I already used a bit.

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