Thursday, August 6, 2015

Organic Jojoba Oil by Deluxe Botanicals

Organic Jojoba Oil by Deluxe Botanicals

 I never had jojoba oil before but I can tell this is as advertised. Organic and unrefined pure jojoba oil should have a very mild nutty scent.
I did some research before using and testing the oil. It seems that it is safe :D

The color is a light yellow and slightly oily. After applying a little dab on my hand and rub in a circular motion. The oil dries in less than a minute and it is extremely moisturizing without any irritation or scent. I'm not sure about using this oil in my hair because it would make my hair really oily looking but it is perfect for skin as moisturizer.I also use this as a carrier oil for mixing with essential oils. The absorption is excellent. 

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