Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sandalwood and Bay Rum Spice Shave Soap

Sandalwood and Bay Rum Spice Shave Soap 

I always like products that comes in very simple packaging. Without all those flashy and sophisticated stuff.
These soaps are very down to earth and function as advertised.
I am a lady and I do love the scent of sandalwood. The Bay Rum and spice has a scent very similar to sandalwood. Almost identical.

I initially wanted to give both of them to my guy but since I like it so much I'll keep the sandalwood for my legs!
These soap are natural and without the harmful chemicals you would find in shaving cream. Not to mention these are much cheaper and will last a long time.
The soap are very gentle and no irritation when applied to my legs. They lather nicely but you have to rub a bit to get that foam. The scent of sandalwood leaves my legs smelling like......sandalwood of course! Not unattractive at all :P Ladies please try these!

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