Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ziraki Lower Back Brace

Ziraki Lower Back Brace

I ordered the small size which I thought it would be too large for me since the measurement says 27"-33". I have a very small waist around 24" and it actually adjustable to that size and even larger I assume. The belt is of very good quality and you can tell by the look and feel. The came in a plain zip lock bag o.o Not complaining though!

I tried it on and it wraps around my waist very tightly. The only problem is that it is harder to breathe and very warm. It does help with the back and spine. I think I would wear this when it's cooler weather so I can breathe!
I don't think I need to lose weigh but this thing is so good for my back! It makes me sit up straight more. Oof very hot though

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