Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kids Solar System Bundle

I thought the kit was cute and I am really fond of the solar system and stars.

The kit consist of:

- A 10 inch Telescope
- 1 Pack of Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets Stick on
- 3 Star Shaped Lollipops

I didn't like the lollipops for some reason as it taste sweet but also unpleasant at the same time. Kids probably won't mind.
The telescope is made of plastic and not very good quality but this is only a toy so it's an exception. It is quite fun scoping.
My favorite part is the pack of glow in the dark stars and planets. I think they are really fun to watch at night. I never had something like these as I kid but I do enjoy them as an adult and I'm sure any kid would.

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