Monday, December 21, 2015

Lift Wand® Premium Portable High Frequency Facial Machine

The box came with an instruction on how to use this tool. It's not hard. You plug in the head of your choice and get down to work.

First you need to apply the argan oil they provided. You can use whatever oil you have too. I have rose hip oil which is my preference so I used that.
First when I plug in the power then place the piece of my choice. Two of the wands I have to point out because they are on high all the time. There is a button that you can control and turn from low-high setting but not the case for the nose and the comb piece. The moment I turned to low they went on high power which cause them to buzz pretty loud. The first time it touched my skin it gave me a shock! I was afraid to use the two pieces but the smaller one didn't have this problem.
I turned on the low frequency but I hardly felt anything so I turned the power to medium. I can feel a little buzzing but nothing painful.
Also, NEVER leave the wand on the skin without moving. Do not just leave it there for more than a couple seconds as recommended.
This lift wand is will tingle the skin and help blood flow.
After a couple days of using this wand I noticed that I have a nice glow after the treatment. Perhaps it's the oil. I did like the massage however.

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