Monday, December 21, 2015

Lavender Eye Pillow by karmick

Before I even opened the package I could tell it is my eye mask in there. The box reek of lavender.

I do like the color blue because it suits lavender. It is a good combination because blue is a calming color and lavender has a soothing aroma.
The eye mask feels very silky and smooth and great for sensitive skin. I do want to call it eye pillow o.o Hmm..

I feel that the eye mask is better suited for a cold treatment than a warm treatment. I feel microwaving it kind of weird.. It does give a warm feeling but the lavender aroma is just unbearable. Perhaps for other parts of the body than the eyes. I do like freezing the eye mask more because the scent is less stronger and it's nice for any bruises or a hot day. Too bad you can't wash this ;(

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