Thursday, December 10, 2015

MEDca Secret Sound Amplifier Bluetooth Style

First of all the instruction is very confusing and does not explain what you need to know in order to understand what this sound amplifier really is.
It look like a bluetooth but its NOT a bluetooth. In fact it's just to imitate how a bluetooth look. I want to ask why in the world would you make a sound amplifier that look like a bluetooth? What is the point? It is rather misleading because someone might think this sound amplifier work like a bluetooth can you can connect to devices like phone, mp3 player or tv. But NO, you cannot connect it to anything. No wire, no wireless or anything.

Not only is this thing bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The hook that is suppose to secure on your ear isn't flexible to adjust to my preference. It needs batteries and they are NOT cheap. There is a built in mic on this sound amplifier. Here is the problem. The mic is low quality and does not work well. So if you're watching tv or just listening to something you need to move yourself very close to where the sound is coming from to hear better. Isn't that the same logic when you can't hear someone? You move closer to them.
Overall this sound amplifier need a lot of remake.

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