Monday, April 13, 2015

MATCHA organic ceremonial

MATCHA organic ceremonial

Just arrived in mail today and I was surprise at how small it was but no doubt it is the best tasting green tea matcha I've ever had.
I was careful with lifting the seal so that the powder doesn’t jump out on me. There was a poof of mystery that came out like steam and the scent was very mild and nice. Although there are some clumps but I've got no problem with that. Since I don't have the bamboo stuff I just put a teaspoon of the powder in my cup then add the boiling water. Then I started to mix it like crazy o.o

The clumps were kind of annoying since I don't have a whisk but mixing the powder like crazy for two minutes the color was in the water, bubbles were on top and ready for drinking. I took a little sip just to get an idea how it taste like. It does taste very green but it's different from green tea leaves that I drink. I never had green tea powder so I can't really compare it to anything except the leaves. The powder is not bitter at all like the leaves so I would prefer that. Not exactly sweet either but just green. I drank it all in a range of 10 minutes because I keep trying to come up with some words to describe it but I couldn't. I like this tea and  will slowly enjoy it in peace n_n

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  1. To get rid of the clumps is to put matcha through a sifter. You can find a small sifter from grocery stores (or Asian market) for about USD 2-3. Put the sifter on top of a very small tea cup, or hold it in your hand, and use the teaspoon to slowly sift matcha into the tea cup. Add hot watch (not boiling) to the cup, use the teaspoon to mix together. No more clumps.

    1. Thanks for the advice :D I did get myself a bottle with a sifter to smooth the clumps out!

  2. Now you can prepare it with less effort. Enjoy it.