Friday, July 3, 2015

Vegetarian Vitamin D Gummy bears

Vegetarian Vitamin D Gummy bears

NutraBear’s vitamin D gummy is really delicious. They taste like candy and it is hard to resist eating more than two or three. For adults, 2-3 gummy a day is recommended but I eat 2. Don’t judge it’s weird looking bear gummy but they’re so good you have to put them away in case your kids eats the whole jar. That wouldn’t be good.

The gummy are snowy pink in color. Very soft and chewy. Not hard to chew like gummy bear candies. Very sweet.
They do not contain gelatin. The ingredient list consists of;
Sugar cane, water, glucose syrup, citrus pectin, citrus acid, sodium citrate, adipic acid and natural flavors and colors.

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