Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Zander's Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Zander's Pure Lavender Essential Oil

 Zander’s lavender oil definitely smell like the real thing. Undiluted and pure. I have run into so many different brands of lavender oil and so far Zander’s got the strong and the right scent. It’s quite easy to tell by how the scent affects you. Sniff the lavender oil with closed eye. You should smell this gentle lavender yet strong concentration and  it will end with a strong penetration. You will then still smell the lingering scent of the oil in your nostril.

Lavender has many many uses and one of them is for relaxation. For me lavender is the oil of relaxation and whenever I take a sniff of it, the fragrance takes me to an isolated field of lavender in the mountain. Of course, not all lavender oil can do this. Zander’s lavender oil is definitely my favorite for now.

I will absolutely treasure this oil and use with love and care. 

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