Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Angelica Root Essential oil

Angelica Root Essential oil

I think that a lot of people have heard of lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint oil and so on but angelica root is on another level in my opinion on the scent.
The scent is not attractive, in fact it smells like Chinese medicine. You can even say angelica root is a traditional root used in Chinese medicine. I know that from childhood when my grandma brews soup from all sort of herbs and ginseng. Angelica root is just be one of them.  The reason for using angelica root in medicine and soup is that it helps to boost immune system, therefore helps the body to fight sickness.
That is correct, angelica root essential can be used to stimulate the immune system. Of course I’m not saying you should put it in your food. There is many other ways of using this oil to boost immune system, combat stress AND for detoxing. Here is what I use angelica root essential oil;

-   Mix 3 good drops of the angelica root oil with carrier oil. Ratio of 1:3. Use a piece of bandage that you can tape to the soles of your feet. You would need two pieces because we have two feet! Rub the mixed oil on both of the bandage. Carefully place the oiled side of the bandages on the soles of your feet and tape the sides so that it will not fall off.  I recommend this right before you go to bed. This will HELP your body detox.

 -          Another great way of using angelica root oil is by rubbing it on scars, bug bites, etc. Yes I did say that it the oil stimulates the immune system and help the body detox. This is why angelica root oil is great for bug bites because it helps the body fight toxin and gets rid of them faster.

 -          I mentioned that angelica root oil does not have an attractive scent and it smells like medicine. I would not use this oil for perfume. Lol if you chose to do so feel free to. Last little tip from me (for the ladies); dilute with carrier oil and rub in circular motion on your abdomen during monthly cycle. It will help with the blood flow. You can also do that when a stomach comes.

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