Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hyssop oil

Hyssop oil

I was impressed with the bottle, not the exterior but interior. The droppers in essential oil bottles are usually made of plastic and they would release chemicals slowly into the oil. This is a major flaw in most essential oil droppers. However with this hyssop bottle I noticed that the dropper does not touch the oil (a gap between the oil). Therefore the oil would only come in contact with the dropper if you were to actually use it.
First of all I have never had hyssop oil before therefore I didn’t know how it smelled like or how to use it. Since it’s an essential oil, usually they can be used for massages and home remedy. Before I even use a dab of the oil I researched about the safety and uses of hyssop oil.

The service;
I also notice the name below Hyssop which caught my off guard because it says “Lavandula Angustifolia”. Not sure what it means but Lavandula means lavender so I emailed the seller about it. To be honest, the service was not what I expected because the person was rude at first. Not saying the customer service was bad but definitely has room for improvement. The communication was prompt however. I had to point it out the second time and seller did admit it was an error on the label.

Back to the oil shall we. The hyssop oil has a strong scent which I like because many oils are not pure even though the label claims them to be. This bottle has a strong scent which I only had to take a little sniff and it filled my lungs with a penetrating floral fragrance. Hyssop can be used in easy remedy for bugs and insect repellent. If you do get bitten by mosquitos especially, apply one dab of the oil. I find it very effective and there were no signs of irritation. As summer is approaching, Hyssop oil will be extremely handy.
Hyssop oil is also very effective in relieving stress physically and mentally. You can use hyssop oil in bath (2 drops) and it will relieve your stress. Great for a Friday night no?

I use essential oil in my hair after I finish washing my hair usually in shower. All you need is a bucket of water, don’t fill too much (about 5 cups). Put 2 drops of hyssop oil. Rinse clean hair in the water for cleansing purposes. Make sure you gently rinse the water in your scalp as well. I do this because it makes my scalp feels good and clean. Also hyssop oil smells fantastic!

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