Monday, May 25, 2015

EVAO 100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Argan Oil

EVAO 100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Argan Oil

A cute little 2 fl oz bottle of organic extra virgin argan oil. It comes with a dropper so it is easy to control how much you want. The bottle is labeled 100% pure and nothing is added or subtracted.
The oil has a very faint nutty smell almost like sesame oil. My first reaction when I took a sniff was that wow this oil is pretty tasty lol. It really smell like sesame oil. Just a bit.
The oil as you can see from the second picture is almost transparent. There are some green and yellow reflection on the glass part of the dropper. I find the oil very moisturizing, even more than lotion. The oil is not exactly greasy like cooking oil. It’s rather cool to the touch and a bit oily once it touches a surface BUT dries up quickly. I slowly blend the drop of the oil into my skin by rubbing it in a circular motion. After about 2-3 minutes the oil was absorbed and my skin did not feel greasy or oily. Just moisturized.
I probably will not use this oil in my hair because I have other hair moisturizers with argan oil in it. I feel that it is better to use undiluted pure argan oil on skin and nails.

There is one little note and that is the oil only have a 2 years shelf life. My bottle was made in Dec 2014 and expires in Dec 2016. For some it may not last 2 years but I do hope I don’t forget to use it before it goes bad.

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