Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Senteys Flow Headset

Senteys Flow Headset

The headset came in this really flashy packaging which got me excited.  The headset is very well designed and simple. I like the fact that it is foldable so it’s easier to store it or put it in your backpack. I did notice that the 3.5MM plug is plated with gold. HOWEVER it does not say what karat or if the gold plating will eventually wear off overtime because usually things that are plated with gold are jewelry and they do not last. There are different types of plating like electro plated gold which lasts longer. However as for the audio quality part, I find it okay because it the quality was similar to my old headphones that sounded like the music came from far away, echo-y.
I was very disappointed however because I cannot use this headset due to the pressure this headset give to the top of my skull. After wearing the headset for 1 minute, the top of my skull could not bare it any longer (in pain). I notice that in the description it stated anyone can wear. I highly recommend that do not let kids wear this, because their bones are still developing and ESPECIALLY the top of their skull (look at picture 2) I circled the part where it would put pressure on the top of the skull.

I gave this a 3 star rating based on the 5 following factors;

Design – Very simple and sleek  +1

Quality – Not bad. Okay-ish  +1

Comfort –  Uncomfortable to wear. See picture 2 where I circled. -1

Convenience – Foldable +1

Weight – Not very light as it was quite heavy for me -1

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