Thursday, May 21, 2015

GAIA purity Eye Cream

GAIA purity Eye Cream

The jar is actually very simple. There was no cute packaging or anything just the jar in a bubble wrap. I twist open the cap and notice that there were no protection like a cap or piece of paper sealed on top. So when you open it you just see the cream. The cream was not all the way to the top, about 3/5 full. I did notice that there were some cream on the bubble wrapping so some of it must have spilled out.

I feel that the company need to be much more careful with the packaging...

As for the cream it's rather plain and simple. Milky white and smooth. Very little clumps. There is no scent or fragrance which I like because fragrance is just more chemical. I use a little dab on my hand and not my face because I always do this to cream to test it out before I feel safe to apply on my face. There were no signs of irritation or reaction so it was safe to use. It felt cool on my skin and I slowly spread it out evenly. The cream did make my skin look more hydrated.

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