Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Yalmeh Super youth eye cream

Yalmeh Super youth eye cream

The packaging is absolutely adorable!

Upon opening the jar I noticed that the jar was not well covered when you screw open the top which is a flaw because the little cap that was suppose to cover the cream was stuck in the spiral of the cap. You may notice it right away or later on. This will not impact the rating because the product itself is most important.
I started to read the ingredient list first. Of course it is long and contains of names of names that I have never heard. I was pleased to see that the ingredient list consist of various organic ingredients. I must point out that there was no “parfum” on the list because the scent of the cream does smell like it contains some sort of perfume or fragrance. I have nothing against perfume in cosmetics but some people are sensitive to perfume due to their chemical nature. Personally I do not like parfum in creams because that is just more chemicals and I do have sensitive skin
The cream is a milky white and almost look like yogurt beside the little bubble looking holes. The consistency is thick. Thicker than yogurt and far from the watery consistency of lotion. The fragrance is milky and slightly sweet.
I used the cream for a week and so far I do not see any irritation or redness. I have dark circles under my eyes for many years and nothing seem to help. Of course I do not expect miracle from this product however I do see that the area around my eyes are more hydrated after using the cream. As for the dark circles I don’t see any improvement.
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