Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pink Chef Knives

Pink Chef Knives

These knives are actually a darker shade of pink than I thought. Hot pink. Very attractive and feminine looking. The knives are not quite fit for cutting sushi due to the lack of sharpness, shape and handle. They are fit for cutting vegetables, fruits and thin slices of meat. The handles fit comfortably in my grip and they do slice thru well.

I tested the larger knife on the cauliflower which I have to cook for dinner. It sliced thru the stems easily. I also cut some cabbages which are much easier to slice. Compare to my older knives this new one saves me time and energy. I feel that the pink covering does not necessarily help with the function of the knife. In fact I feel that it gets in the way. The color is fine but the material of the pink covering is not.

The smaller knife I used to cut an orange and it easily sliced the fruit in halves. However there was a slight pause when I sliced thru due to the pink covering. It seems that the pink covering sticks to certain surfaces.

As for the cleaning there was no problem. Easily run it under water and wipe with a towel and it will come out clean.

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