Saturday, May 23, 2015

Premium grade Fractioned Coconut Oil From Bayleaf Botanicals

Premium grade Fractioned Coconut Oil From Bayleaf Botanicals 

Premium grade Fractioned Coconut Oil from Bayleaf Botanicals
This is a 16 fl oz bottle of fractioned coconut oil for about $13 if you have free shipping. It’s a pretty darn good price because I’ve seen bottles at $12 for half the bottle. There is little to no scent and if you have a sensitive nose you will smell a very faint coconut scent. And not to mention they provided a pump! Yay

The oil is transparent and cool. I mixed it with some essential oil and rub around my chest and neck area due to allergies and it helps for an hour or two. Re apply after that because I only used 2-3 drops of essential oil.

Fractioned coconut oil is great if not essential for massages. It is extremely hydrating and a good moisturizer for skin, nails and hair. I use this for my hair sometimes by rubbing a dime sized and then gently comb my hair.

Also great as a lubricant ;^)

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