Friday, May 22, 2015

Joyal Beauty's Retinol Correcting Serum

Joyal Beauty's Retinol Correcting Serum

This bottle of correcting Serum is smaller than I thought but it should last quite a while if used reguarally.

What I really like about the serum is that it is transparent so there is no added color.
NO parfum!!! YES I was definitely looking forward to that. Remember, fragrance and perfume are just extra chemicals and they are not necessary for your skin at all. Huge thumbs up for that. The serum contains a good number of organic ingredients which I was pleased to see; Organic herbal infusion, aloe, jojoba oil, organic camellia sinensis (green tea). Also a bunch of words I cannot pronounce ;<

I applied just a little dab and rubbed it on my hand in a circular motion. The serum is watery and non-greasy or oily. After about 3 minutes the serum is completely dry and that area of my skin that I applied the serum is much smoother and softer than before. The serum felt cool and gentle on my hand so I will use it on my face :)
There was no signs of irritation of tingling. 

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