Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oil Of Youth Peppermint Essential Oil

Oil Of Youth Peppermint Essential Oil

The packaging was not very safe for a big bottle such as this. I noticed that the mailman dropped the package and I was lucky to receive it without any damage. I think a big bottle like this should be safely delivered in a small box but definitely not a bubble mailer.

The bottle came with a separate dropper which I was pleased because I don't have one myself and it came in very handy.
As for the peppermint oil I did not personally like the scent of it. Here is what happened:
The pricing is beyond affordable for a 4 fl oz bottle of peppermint oil.

Opened the bottle and took a very small sniff. I do this too all essential oils because you don't know if the oil is strong or weak. Never take a deep breathe first time. The little sniff already told me that the oil is weak because the scent did not penetrate my lungs with a chilly sensation. From my experience, it lacks the depth, strength and that chilly sensation you get from just sniffing real peppermint (plant or oil).
Sadly I could not feel it from this oil.
The oil has a very faint sweet scent and the closest thing I can compare the fragrance and strength of this peppermint oil is to the "doublemint chewing gum".

I also tested the oil by mixing a good amount of it with a carrier oil to see if it would freshen up my room with the smell. Although I didn't think the carrier oil was actually necessary I went ahead and test that. For the first day I could smell a very faint fragrance of the peppermint oil but on the third day I could no longer smell it. For this test I used about 3 tablespoons of a carrier oil and about 2 teaspoon of the peppermint oil.

This peppermint oil however DOES stand up to its value which is why I gave it a 4 stars instead of a 3. It just might not last a long time due to its weakness. I will use this in my laundry and have my clothes freshen up in the scent.

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