Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Live Infinitely Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel

Live Infinitely Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel 

I have never heard of this cooling towel before until of course, getting to review it. The towel ocean blue and  surprisingly soft but it is not made of the typical material in most towels. I’m not sure exactly what it is made out of but the towel does have a strong stench of rubber or plastic OR chemical. Smells like a cheap, typical yoga mat. The stench is definitely NOT okay or attractive. As for the effectiveness of the towel in cooling down during workout or just being hot is definitely not bad. I do not want to smell like a stinky rubber when I’m out.
The towel instantly activates the cooling properties when it is wet so there are no funny buttons to press. It is machine washable and reusable. There is also uv protection (only where the towel covers). The towel does feel very nice on the skin which I like. 

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